Project Re-Design has made it’s come back! As some of you might know I started this DIY “Project Re-Design” collaboration with bloggers on monthly basis last year but I had to put it on pause because I got very busy with being full time in school as well as working part time and having to complete a part time internship. Therefore, this one is the first collaboration I’ve done this… View Post

 Hello my lovely people, besides giving a little bit of information on what I am wearing I wanted to also share with everyone what I do when I’m stressed out. In this #OOTD I decided to play it risky by wearing this off the shoulder top that was given to me as a gift and pair it with this slit elastic material as well as high waisted burgundy skirt. This… View Post

Hello my beauties, happy Hump Day! Another Wednesday which means another blog post by me. In this blog post and photoshoot I wanted to show everyone that you are able to transition your summer pieces into fall. Therefore, don’t go crazy over having to put your summer clothes away. While deciding to wear my distressed Zara boyfriend jeans I decided to pair them with this flawless summer floral off the… View Post

 Hello my fashion lovers, I believe that it’s safe to say that every once in a while we’re all skeptical about ordering clothing pieces from brands that we might not be very familiar with. That is exactly how I felt when Saraboo brand reached out to me regarding a possible collaboration. However, something inside me told me to condone the collaboration offer and work with the brand.  When I received… View Post

Happy hump day everyone! In this blog post I want to talk about some of the issues that new bloggers always complain about. *Drum Rolls* followers/gaining followers. I was once in that same spot and I understand the struggle but instead of placing your attention on that negative aspect bloggers should focus on how to attract readers? What should your blog focus on? How can you gain peoples attention? I… View Post