If you’re on my website you’re probably into fashion and you know that people like us don’t always wake up and get dressed in 2.5 seconds. Why? Because we immensely care about how we look, what we wear and we take more than enough time to think about the accessories to match our outfits.
No judgment toward my clothing is my motto, I want people to wear clothes and feel good about what they are wearing.  I want them to realize that style is not about replicating what others are wearing but it’s about how you create your own unique style. What do you put together? What do you take out? What prints do you combine? Everyone  has different tastes and everyone should feel happy with what they have on. I always tell people, “If It Looks Weird” then you know your outfit is speaking out loud and you’re definitely on the right track.  Why blend in when you can blend out? You can call it crazy but I call it fashion.
Besides my thoughts about fashion, I was born in Kosovo and I’m Albanian. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York where I work full time as a Licensed Clinical Social Work and blog part-time. Besides being a personal style blogger, I also have a big heart and passion toward assisting people who are most vulnerable and in need of empathy as well as support toward improving their lives.

Brands that I’ve worked with in the past