When I first started to blog I loved every part of it even the thought-provoking portions of it. However, lately I just feel like I can’t get myself to believe that everything I’ve done and will continue to do will be worth it. It’s difficult to put the stress away and keep a smile on my face at all times. You find yourself feeling stuck. You look at other bloggers… View Post

New Year? New Resolution? Every year that comes around I don’t feel much different then the way I felt in the previous year. I mean of course I have dreams and goals that I will continue to strive for. However, I will not sit there and write my “new year resolutions. “ Some people do, which is totally fine. This year, I sort of feel like a brand new person.… View Post

Another month has approached us and another project re-design has come your way. Besides being able to take photos, express my love for style, blogging has also given me the opportunity to connect with bloggers not only in New York City but in other countries as well. Till now I’ve always done my project re-design collaborations with bloggers who are based in NY. However, this time I wanted to reach… View Post

I’ve always been into fashion and style. Make-up was never been one of my strongest talents and even till this day I don’t find it as intriguing as other beauty bloggers or MUAs. However, I do enjoy it and love putting make-up on. When it comes to my make-up routine in the morning I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. First thing first, after washing… View Post

Why blogging? How does that work? “Wow, you get free clothes” “What else do you do besides blogging” these are just some of the few questions and statements that are directed to me when I encounter a conversation with someone for the first time. Ever since I was a little girl I always loved dressing up, wearing my mother’s heels, walking up and down the hallway (pretending that it was… View Post