Happy 2017 Everyone! When it comes to dressing up during the cold days in NYC, I can literally freak out at times and this occurs because I passionately dislike winter. However, during the last few months of the 2016 year we got lucky because the weather consisted around 40-50 degrees, which is totally fine. Anyways, I hope that everyone is enjoying their first few days of 2017! This year is… View Post

Hi lovely people, I am tremendously overwrought to give you a brief information in regards to my collaboration with Coach toward celebrating their 75th Anniversary! Being able to collaborate with such a high brand was a very euphoric feeling to endorse. This navy blue saddle bag contains glovetanned leather with disparity edge with a strong pop of color. What’s more exciting is that this is a limited edition 1941 Collection.… View Post

Hello my dearest fashionable friends, it’s been months since I’ve last posted but that’s because life has taken over me. I am excessively exhausted with full time school, work and an internship that I am required to do for grad school but I managed to go to sleep early this past Friday so I can wake up the next day and shoot a few looks with my amazing friend and… View Post