Bedazzled Double Denim

The double denim trend will not fade away any-time soon. As most of you know celebrities including Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner, Rihanna and several others have been faithful toward the denim on denim inclination. When it came down to putting this outfit together I knew that I was deliberately taking a risk by going for double denim on top of all the additional pearls that were on the jeans as well as jean jacket. But you know what, I told myself you will never know how it will ACTUALLY look until you try it? right? I decided to minimally accessorize the outfit by adding this white belt that contained a silver bumble bee bug stone in the middle. I received these Zara ankle boots as a gift from my sister and this was the first day that I wore them. Sock boots have been impressive since last year and I mean why not? You can wear a pair of your own socks and then the sock booties. Keep the cold away. They are made with fitted fabric which are designed to cuddle your ankles and they also generate a slimming overall outlook. I thought to myself since I’m doing double denim I might as well do the double folding technique and cuff the bottom of my jeans. Now, I was not done right there. Therefore, I decided to take this mini alnair metal moonlight blue bag which concluded the look that I was going for. Sometimes you will never know how an item looks on you unless you try it. Even though this small bag appears ‘too small’ you will definitely be able to fit your significant essentials such as your small wallet, phone, lipstick, portable charger and small perfume.

I’ve seen so many people share ‘5 facts about themselves’ on IG stories so I said why not share 6 facts about myself on my blog-post.

  1. I was born in Kosovo, Mitrovica  and I’m Albanian and Bosnian. I lived there until the age of 12. I arrived in NYC in 2003. I loathed the idea of leaving my school, family and friends in Kosovo to travel to ‘America.’ My mother knew that I would be saddened about the idea of leaving my country. Therefore, she did not tell me that we were leaving until the last minute. However, I must admit that I am thankful every day that my parents have made several sacrifices for me to have a good life and education.
  2. I completely can’t stand pickles or the smell of it. I know that pickles and cucumbers are the same thing (“The “pickling” process is when cucumbers are marinated in vinegar or brine and sometimes other seasonings”) but I actually love cucumbers. I can eat them plain with just salt.
  3. I speak four languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Turkish and English. If I had the free time to learn an additional language I would love to learn French.
  4. I have a close relationship with my siblings (Brother – Elvir Ali and sister – Sejla Ali). They are my everything and I would literally give up my life for them.
  5. I am a sucker for sweets – chocolate, candy and cakes are my weakness. Give me any dessert and I will try it. I don’t eat a lot on daily basis but something that I feel like I cannot go without is a piece of chocolate. haha. YUM.
  6. I graduated with my masters in Social Work from Fordham University. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker. In two in a half years I will take the clinical exam. Therefore, I will then be a Clinical Licensed Social Worker and I currently work in the Hospital – Emergency Psych Department.


Jean Jacket and Jeans from Jaqualine Then

Bag: Alef.Bags

Sock Booties: Zara

Belt: Bello Belts

Photography By: Emerson 



  1. Anabelle
    February 13, 2018 / 3:23 pm

    I honestly think you can make anything look so chic! Love the look on you!

  2. LaurenYesLauren
    February 14, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    Girl, you are rocking the denim on denim trend! Love this look!