Another project re-design has arrived! I am so excited to tell you guys about this new October Project Re-Design that Vanessa from VisforSparkles.¬†and I worked on. As some of you might know the process of this project we both decided to purchase this basic grey t-shirt dress from forever21 which was only $7! Then, we both worked on it based on our own personal styles. Vanessa decided to add beautiful… View Post

Project Re-Design has made it’s come back! As some of you might know I started this DIY “Project Re-Design” collaboration with bloggers on monthly basis last year but I had to put it on pause because I got very busy with being full time in school as well as working part time and having to complete a part time internship. Therefore, this one is the first collaboration I’ve done this… View Post

Every once in awhile I participate in certain collaborations with other bloggers and this one has been one of my favorite ones. We purchase one clothing item and style it based on our own style. On that note people are able to see that the shirt could get styled in more than one way. While speaking about what item to purchase we decided to choose this beautiful neck-frilled Zara blouse.… View Post