Why blogging? How does that work? “Wow, you get free clothes” “What else do you do besides blogging” these are just some of the few questions and statements that are directed to me when I encounter a conversation with someone for the first time. Ever since I was a little girl I always loved dressing up, wearing my mother’s heels, walking up and down the hallway (pretending that it was… View Post

Hello lovely people,  it’s been a while. I started a full time job and it has been hectic. The job itself is great but I am learning how to handle everything, including my blog. Working 9-5 and going to the gym 3 times a week it’s been frantic but I will make it work. Anywho, the weather in NYC has been amazing. Unfortunately, we have to dress up for a… View Post

Hello my loves, I wanted to specifically speak about my outfit on this blog post. While shopping in Zara I came across this beautiful suit check print crop top. This asymmetrical top is perfect for a last minute going out outfit. The top gives it a classy feminine ambiance but at the same time it gives it that edgy feeling and look that we look for in every fashionable person.… View Post

As I was browsing online for some new fall pieces I came across Zaful who automatically caught my eye. The brand it self as well as the prices. It’s not always about how much you spend on a garment, it’s about the quality and how it looks as well as it feels. What I like to do when I shop from new brands is read their reviews to inquire if… View Post

Hi lovely people, I am tremendously overwrought to give you a brief information in regards to my collaboration with Coach toward celebrating their 75th Anniversary! Being able to collaborate with such a high brand was a very euphoric feeling to endorse. This navy blue saddle bag contains glovetanned leather with disparity edge with a strong pop of color. What’s more exciting is that this is a limited edition 1941 Collection.… View Post