What is Project Re-Design?

Involves: Myself (Selma Ali) and another blogger. I would like to partner up with one blogger per month. If this continues to be successful then I will continue working with two bloggers per month.

What Will We Both Do:

1st. We will both purchase one decent price item. An item that does not have a lot of design going on. If the blogger lives in New York, New Jersey or Long Island we will meet up and shop together. Therefore, it will be easier for us to come to a conclusion toward a specific item.

2nd. We will begin designing this item based on our own interests and style. What you want to do with this item is design it the way you would want to wear it. You can do anything you want to it. Buy fabric and add on to it, glue flowers, papers, paint it, add strings/fringe etc.

3rd. Once we are both done designing our specific item, we will meet and do a photoshoot together. We will take some pictures individually and some separate. If you DO NOT live in New York, New Jersey or Long Island then we will have to do the pictures individually.

4th. Once the pictures are done and edited we will post them. We will post on the same day and time. We will include the pictures that we took on our own or the ones we took together (based on where the other blogger lives).


1. To show people that you don’t always have to spend large amount of money on clothes in order to show what defines your style. You can use your creativity and make something out of what you already might have or something that you’ve bought for a cheap price.

2. Show people who you are based on your own design.

3. To help each other and show people that we have more skills rather than just wearing clothes and taking pictures of them. We can use our knowledge and creativity to construct something new.

Are you a blogger? Interested in collaborating with me? Email me.

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