Hello my dearest fashionable friends, it’s been months since I’ve last posted but that’s because life has taken over me. I am excessively exhausted with full time school, work and an internship that I am required to do for grad school but I managed to go to sleep early this past Friday so I can wake up the next day and shoot a few looks with my amazing friend and photographer Mani Andreone.

Since it has been a great fall so far in New York I wanted to incorporate some colors within the outfit that I wore this past weekend. I was absolutely ecstatic to be able to wear my burgundy polyester casual and cropped pants from StyleWe. Even though I decided to wear these pants with my white sneakers from Zara, I can also wear them with a sophisticated work blouse or button down during the workdays when I go to work or my internship. Even though some of us might be in love with wearing black it’s good to merge some color into our fashion. Since I was wearing my white sneakers I decided to not wear a white top and exclude black so I was left with this gorgeous light royal blue soft blouse from HM.  I hope that everyone is enjoying the last few months of 2016  xo

The Bag is from Aldo but it’s sold out and the shirt is from HM which is also sold out. However, I would definitely encourage everyone to go to their websites because they have similar tops in HM and similar cross-body bags in Aldo.