January: Project Re-Design

Every time I do this collaboration I always get tremendously excited. The suspense of what item will we purchase, what ideas will run through our minds, what will we cut, the amount of fabric that we will use? etc The whole process is fun and stimulating.

For this project re-design I asked Esmee from LuxBlog to collaborate with me. Esmee was recently in NYC but due to our conflicting schedules we were not able to meet up and hangout. Bummer. I know. However, this motivated me to ask her if she would be part of my project re-design collaboration. During the thought process of figuring out what to purchase regarding our collaboration we decided to move on with this plain over-sized hoodie from Bershka. Now, when it came down to designing this beautiful streetstyle item one could have done many things to it. I went to Michaels store and walked around trying to figure out what can inspire me. I found this packet where you can print out photos and/or designs, print it out on special paper and iron it on your clothing. I thought to myself..was this too good to be true? This sounded pretty cool so I went ahead and purchased it. Therefore, this is how the two cross-over hearts were placed on my hoodie. Now, I’m sitting there on my sofa and wondering. What else can I do to it? It still kind of looks basic. I remembered that I had a pair of zebra print light material pants which I never wear and the zipper was broken. So I thought to myself I can cut two pieces and maybe place them on each side of the shoulder or maybe I can cut a rectangle shape and place it on the front so it has this slouchy additional material sort of hanging on. I went with the second idea. Moving forward, I decided to keep it Parisian Chic with my beret hat as well NYC chic by adding the OTK boots.

Check out Esmee Rudolf’s Project Re-Design Outfit 

On the other hand, hands down I am in love with Esmee’s DIY hoodie design. I literally told her “can you ship it out to me.” Haha I love how unadulterated the letters R O M E  look and the puffy cuffs on the wrists? Oh my, she took the DIY to another level. The fur cuffs are trending so I love how she decided to stay within what the current gravitating fashionable trend is. Esmee is such an amazing blogger and her feed is always full of things to love from interior design, street style, very cool museums, life style etc.   


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