October: Project Re-Design

Another project re-design has arrived! I am so excited to tell you guys about this new October Project Re-Design that Vanessa from VisforSparkles. and I worked on. As some of you might know the process of this project we both decided to purchase this basic grey t-shirt dress from forever21 which was only $7! Then, we both worked on it based on our own personal styles. Vanessa decided to add beautiful feathers on the bottom of the dress which was a perfect idea and the hemline detail was astonishing. Moving forward, Vanessa also decided to add a string on the waist to give it a more feminine feeling to it. What I really loved about her design was the distinct pearl details on the chest. I absolutely loved Vanessa’s creativity! On the other hand, when it came to designing my own piece I wasn’t exactly sure what to do to it. I usually have somewhat an idea what I would like to do to the item once I purchase it but this time it was different. I felt like I was having a “writers block” but I guess with designing haha. However, I came around and decided to cut the front of the shirt and leave the back hanging. While thinking about Game of Thrones and this deisgn I thought that I could cut out an old maxi skirt I had. I cut the skirt up and decided to add the piece on my left side. I pinned it up in the front and on the shoulder.I loved the way it moved when I walked. Also, what I really like about the re-design that I worked on was the idea of being able to remove the soft royal fabric and add it back based on what type of outfit I would decide to wear.

Happy Friday and stay tuned for next months project re-design. Make sure to follow VisforSparkles x