Happy hump day everyone! In this blog post I want to talk about some of the issues that new bloggers always complain about. *Drum Rolls* followers/gaining followers. I was once in that same spot and I understand the struggle but instead of placing your attention on that negative aspect bloggers should focus on how to attract readers? What should your blog focus on? How can you gain peoples attention? I… View Post

Welcome back to a fashion post regarding what to wear when when you go out in the evening during the weekend. I know, it’s not Friday yet but why not start preparing our outfits for the weekend during Hump Day? In my first look, I wanted to combine a sheer bodysuit from Tobi and wide leg pants from Dezzal. To my surprise it came out really well. The bodysuit is… View Post

Let me begin by giving you brief information on how this shoot went down. My brother and I decided to not sleep at all and go outside at 5:30am to shoot. Now, I clearly consider myself a blogger. Therefore, I wanted to shoot more than one look but I consider my style eclectic and I like to incorporate a lot of different pieces when it comes to the way I… View Post

The main focus on this post is owning at least one crop-top. One particular item that I’ve seen trending on the streets, blogs and magazines are crop-tops with open back. When I first ordered the item I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable having my back open but then I told myself why not? Sometimes we must step outside our comfort zone and explore if something else can work… View Post

Every once in awhile I participate in certain collaborations with other bloggers and this one has been one of my favorite ones. We purchase one clothing item and style it based on our own style. On that note people are able to see that the shirt could get styled in more than one way. While speaking about what item to purchase we decided to choose this beautiful neck-frilled Zara blouse.… View Post