The Must Have Exquisite Summer Crop-Top

The main focus on this post is owning at least one crop-top. One particular item that I’ve seen trending on the streets, blogs and magazines are crop-tops with open back. When I first ordered the item I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable having my back open but then I told myself why not? Sometimes we must step outside our comfort zone and explore if something else can work for us. How will you ever know if something looks good on your or if you feel comfortable in it if you haven’t given it a try? Therefore, after trying it on I knew right there and then that I made the right choice by owning one.

Crop-tops are always in, girls love wearing them with shorts, skirts, jeans etc whatever floats their boat but for some reason I’ve seen a lot of open back ones this summer with different symmetrical cuts or zig zag designs.

What if you like the idea of a crop top but you do not feel comfortable having your whole back open? Well, guess what? You can still wear it! Feel free to throw on a kimono (different textures and material depending on what type of crop top you own). You can also throw on a black leather jacket or denim over your shoulders to cover the back and still feel impeccably chic.

Moreover, when I used to think about crop-tops I would think about festivals, concerts or basically going out bar hopping with your friends on Friday or Saturday night. However, I was able to wear this outfit for a meeting and dinner with my girls. The crop top with the high waisted shorts connected very well. I wanted to bring in the sophisticated feel of a woman by throwing on a blazer but I didn’t want it to look extremely business wear. Therefore, I decided to add the fun ankle fur strap heels from Simmi.

When it came down to pairing the top with a bottom I decided to wear my high waisted black shorts from Ltrainvintage, you can never go wrong with a little bit of thrift shopping. Other than that I added the boxed Zara bag and Sojovision sunnies.

I’ve linked this top on the bottom, it’s from Tobi x

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