The Perfect Faux Fur Coat

Happy 2017 Everyone! When it comes to dressing up during the cold days in NYC, I can literally freak out at times and this occurs because I passionately dislike winter. However, during the last few months of the 2016 year we got lucky because the weather consisted around 40-50 degrees, which is totally fine. Anyways, I hope that everyone is enjoying their first few days of 2017! This year is going to be amazing and I can’t help but feel positive vibes.

Now, back to fashion — I decided to wear a simple tank blouse underneath my gorgeous faux fur coat from Mango. I don’t own a lot of faux fur coats but I can precisely say that this one was made for me. This coat keeps me immensely warm and I don’t have to walk around complaining because of the cold. The indifferent texture of fur that goes across the middle of the coat and the sleeves gives it an additional reason why this coat looks more luxurious. The navy mini (but still elegant) skirt goes delightfully perfect with the faux fur coat. The color contrast between the two clothing items + the black blouse underneath falls perfectly for what I was going for.
As for the box cross-body bag, it was accidentally placed with this shot. When I planned my outfit I was planning on bringing another bag with me but I forgot the other bag. Therefore, my lovely photographer friend recommended to keep the bag with the photoshoot because it went well together and I’m glad that I did. It actually looks amazing! These booties were so cheap from Zara, that I didn’t even think about buying them. I just grabbed them and walked to the register. I always shop in zara, Hence why a lot of my clothes are from Zara. The same color booties are sold out but I’ve linked the other color that’s available.