What Does the Word Beautiful Mean to You?

Let me begin by giving you brief information on how this shoot went down. My brother and I decided to not sleep at all and go outside at 5:30am to shoot. Now, I clearly consider myself a blogger. Therefore, I wanted to shoot more than one look but I consider my style eclectic and I like to incorporate a lot of different pieces when it comes to the way I want to feel and be presented. As for the first look I went splendid casual.

The reason why I wanted to call this blog “What does the word beautiful mean to you?” it’s because as you see with this look I present myself as super chilled out. The only make-up product on my face is foundation. I decided to throw on my basic Zara tee and boyfriend Zara jeans on. In order to continue with the relaxed look that I was going for I added the classic old school black and white vans.

Going back to my main point about the blog post: A girl does not have to feel beautiful only when she wears a dress, a skirt, heels, puts on pounds of make-up, wears tight clothes etc. NO. A girl can feel beautiful when she’s confident, intelligent or when she accomplishes a difficult task.  Sometimes some of us might feel frightened that others will repudiate us as friends or girlfriends because we’re not presenting ourselves BEAUTIFUL enough. However, I think it’s very important that we begin to extend the meaning of the word beautiful because out society is stuck in this stigma of what a beautiful girl should look like or what feeling and/or being beautiful means.

As you read this blog post, think about what does beautiful mean to you? When you call someone beautiful? When you call a thing, person or place beautiful?

I decided to ask females that I know, what makes them feel beautiful?

“My inner strength knowing that I could face any obstacles that comes my way because it shows that I can over come so much”

“What makes me feel beautiful is how I feel about myself not the outfit that I’m wearing but how confident I’m in my own skin”

“I believe that beauty comes with anything God created. It also comes with self-love, confidence and the courage to still accept yourself in a world that doesn’t accept anything that doesn’t align with its own desires. Beauty is based on our own standards and not the standards of anyone else. It’s up to us to love on the person in the mirror before we apply makeup or make drastic changes to fit the image that pops up in our head when we think of what it means to be beautiful”

“I feel beautiful when I feel empowered and I feel that way when I realize I love what I do”

“I feel that when I workout and eat healthy I feel confident and I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel comfortable enough to show some skin and embrace my curves, that’s what makes me feel beautiful”

“What makes me feel beautiful is my outfit, hair and when my make-up is on point”

Photography By: Elvir Ali